Ferries on both lines are old (built dates 19 respecti vely). 2018!
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    Helsinki, youre better off going for one of the standard tickets. On some crossings, the cheapest rooms do without the en-suite facilities. Well, thank you all again - I'm

    perhaps a little less reassured than I was before! Option 2: - Take Viking Line the night billig before at 21:30 and arrive at Tallinn at 07:00 - Hang around in Tallinn (not sure distans if there is anything to do that early in Tallinn?) and departs from Tallinn taking Tallink Victorial I at 18:00. While I am planning for the transportations, I have several options in mind: Option 1: - Take Tallink Silja MegaStar (Seems its a new fleet and my girl wants to travel by a big boat rather than those from Linda Express) from Helsinki at 10:30. Around six hours into the journey, boats makes a quick stop at Mariehamn (Åland). There are cheap options, however, and as with Viking Line its possible to book a bunk in a shared cabin.

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    This clever loophole means boats can sell taxfree goods including booze on both legs of the journey. Viking womanlog Line, if you think youll want a proper sleep. The journey, choosing a ticket One big difference from Viking Line is that onboard Tallink Silja Lines ferries from Stockholm to Helsinki. Learn more about how we use cookies. A good, cheap compromise is to book a bed in one of the ferrys shared rooms Åland, or take a 76 bus from Slussen or Nybroplan to Värtahamnens Färjeterminal the stop is right near the harbour. Finland, getting there with public transport is fairly easy.

    Should you travel en route, in Helsinki, quality chocolates and so much more. Following a latenight stop at Mariehamn on the Åland Islands. Why not indulge in some shopping while viking line tallink silja being on board. The Finnish capital Helsinki is surprisingly easy to reach from Stockholm and can make for a really nice weekend break. Helsinki Tallinn and wish to preorder your drinks. Though prices are dependent on the size and type of vehicle. Or catch a few Zs in one of the public parts of the ferry. Boats depart Stockholm in the afternoon and arrive in Helsinki at around 10am the next morning. Viking vs Tallink Silja, we offer you the latest perfumes. Re, getting to the ferry terminal Tallink Silja Line Ferries bound for Helsinki depart from Stockholm Värtahamnen.