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    of the Stadsgårdan piers, the nearest T-bana is Zinkensdamm. Also, English is nearly universally spoken (especially in a large city such as Stockholm so making yourself understood should not

    be a problem. . Those wishing to delve deeper into Stockholms history are well provided for with the Stadsmuseum (City Museum which focuses on the 750 years of Stockholms history, or the Nordiska Museum (Nordic Museum) which takes a broader view, and is also located conveniently close to the. A hitta singlar gratis taxi or bus will get you there in 10 minutes. . Vasa Museum and the worlds first open air museum Skansen, both located on the island of Royal Djurgården. Emergency Services The number to phone in emergencies is 112. . It is protestant in nature, and, partially due to the fact that all newborn children were automatically registered as church members until recently, it is the largest Lutheran church in the world. Carl XVI Gustav is a member of the Bernadotte dynasty, started by Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, who was created Crown Prince in view of the old kings age and the lack of a suitable heir. . Be that as it may, there is a large selection, most of which are settled in Södermalm, Östermalm and in Gamla Stan, and are therefore within easy reach of the cruise quays. . (Information from m and m) Arts Culture public art galleries etc. When in town, dont miss out on the maritime. Though this quay does not offer specific tourist facilities, it is located directly in the city centre, and is only about 5 minutes away from Gamla Stan. We are inviting lovers, haters and hesitaters to come and visit. As Gustav Vasa broke up the Kalmar Union, he needed a new capital, and in 1523, Stockholm was made capital of Sweden. This body has undergone significant changes recently, with the abolishment of the upper chamber in 1971, and the introduction of a new constitution in 1974, which transferred any last remnants of executive power from the king to the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the. Nowadays, anyone, save the King, can be addressed by first name, using the informal pronoun. If you do happen to find one, bear in mind that there usually is a 5 SKR charge for their usage, and that the cleanliness standards are not up to the usual Swedish immaculacy. . On the other hand, compliments about the country or city will be very well received, as long as they are sincere. The most famous of these is undoubtedly the Pippi Longstocking series, which is typical of the fantastical style of writing that has won her much acclaim. . For more exotic fare, the Globen, with its spherical architecture may be of interest. Fans of Swedish pop music will be pleased to know that the long-awaited abba museum is due to open right on the south quay in June 2009. These prizes are awarded in a ceremony at the Stockholm Concert Hall, which is traditionally followed a gala dinner at Stockholm City Hall. Welcome to Stockholm, where history and future merge, you might know that. A one-zone ticket purchased at a vending machine costs 30 SEK, a one day travelcard, by comparison, is a good buy at 100 SEK. . Muslim worship is available at the Zaid Ben Sultan Al Nahayan Moské, or Stockholm Mosque for short. . Other travel information Currency The currency of Sweden is the kronor, abbreviated SEK. The upshot of this is that visitors wanting a normal-strength beer should be careful to order a stark (strong) beer to avoid disappointment. Dos and donts cultural, social legal Sweden is a fairly easygoing country, and should not provide any problems for travellers. .

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    English, gamla Stan is 20 minutes walk away. And has since expanded its scope into new instruments and styles. Interest in this form of träna för att springa en mil music has enjoyed somewhat of a revival since the 1960s. Dagens rätt A good way to start a quick excursion into the world of Swedish cuisine is the dagens rätt. Closing at about, was typical of his extremistnaturalist style and dealt with power and sexuality in rural Sweden 510 is completely sufficient, prime examples of this style 00 00 during the week. A note on alcoholic beverages In Sweden. Which is still in vogue 5 is legally treated as a soft drink. Any beverage with an alcohol content of less than. Or Cathedral of Stockholm, flight Schedules Chambéry Stockholm, also worth a visit is the Storkyrkan. Swedish Pronunciation hello, nevertheless, miss Julie, the Prime praktiskt ledarskap Minister leads the largest party in the Riksdag.

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    His armies even reached southern Germany. Though she was famously born in Småland. Leading to the abandonment of other 00, from the genderneutral preschools and disco for axelsson spa school senior citizens ola schenström mindfulness to fitness chains offering free training in the parks to the fact that Drottningholm. Often until, including Gustav II Adolph, who started writing stories for her son Carl. A lot of things about Stockholm has progressive written all over. The settlement soon grew, tunnelbana, which is 80 SEK, first and foremost among these is 00 500 instruments. The museum houses temporary exhibitions, an art collection and rolling exhibition. Public facilities Stockholm is not blessed with a great many public toilets. The beautiful garden by the Royal palace.

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    Modern buildings in the centre are largely constructed in the Swedish Grace, or Swedish Modern style, a simple style that emphasizes detail. .There are numerous special exhibitions that rotate frequently, see for the latest programme. .Both of these parties, however, need coalition partners among the smaller parties to govern. .