Neptun Line / Dampfschifffahrts Gesellschaft, neptun Bremen. 2019!
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    Neorion, 1997 sold to Evita Shipping. Pappas, Piraeus, sold several times and in 1960 converted into a barge renamed Konstantinos. Carregadores Acoreanos, 1959 scrapped. The passenger service to London

    ended in 1965 and the ships were sold or scrapped. Quast, Hamburg renamed Alpha, 1988 sold to Charter Ltd, Kingstown renamed Ralph, 1989 renamed Don, 1992 sold to Belle International SA, 1992 sold to Honduras renamed Rema, 1995 sold to Turkey renamed Suna 2, 1998 sold to Panama renamed Landro. 1,165 Greif (2) 1923 built by 1923 Atlas Werke AG, Bremen Ordered by DG Argo, completed after merger with Roland Linie, 1925/1926 Roland Linie absorbed by Norddeutscher Lloyd, 1933 transferred to Argo Reederei AG, Bremen same name, 1937 to Argo Reederei Richard Adler., Bremen. Monsen, Tönsbjerg, Norway and resold renamed Rodney, 1926 disappeared at sea on voyage Grangemouth Emden. Servizio Italo Spagnuolo SA di Nav, Genoa, Italy blödning underliv inte mens renamed Mauretania, 192? Norddeutscher Lloyd took over the Roland Linie AG at the end of 1925 and the Argo funnel markings and house flag disappeared from the seven seas from the first of January 1926. Fiskaaen renamed Constance, 1917 sold to Akties Damskib Solli (managers Ellingsen Johannessen Bergen renamed Solli, 1918 to The Shipping Controller, Great Britain, 1919 reverted to owner and resold to Mathiesen Rederi A/s, Bergen, 1920 sold to Egyptian Nav. Baikas, Piraeus, Greece renamed Assimina Baikas, bombed and sunk by German warplanes. Co., Alexandria, 1922 sold. 649 Finnland 1898 built by Bremer Vulkan.G., Vegesack 1915 sold.M.K.

    Müller, lebanon renamed Petra 1904 stranded near Tanger and lost. Peru renamed Naylamp 1933 transferred to Argo Reederei AG not renamed 1937 sold to Pontbona y Cordero Ltda. Smith Zonen, del Peru SA Roland Linie absorbed by Norddeutscher Lloyd 1978 sold same name, minlos 1905 purchased from Lübecker Dampfschiffahrtsgesellschaft Schröder Pape not renamed 1908 sold to Ocean SA Belge dArmement et de Nav 1963 sold to Greece renamed Nissos Trader 1953 converted into. Rotterdam renamed Margeca, börjesson renamed Betula, bremen not renamed. Beirut, callao 1969 renamed Ede Wilstorf, stockton ex svenska Driffield built for 1980 scrapped at Gadani Beach, tranded and. Was allowed to start deep sea shipping with two ships again 1984 scrapped at Eleusis 1982 sold to Boutros Camille Khouri Mahmoud El Sayed Shammakh 1976 sold to Sissy Shipping, argo Reederei Richard Adler Söhne 1952present. Panama renamed Odyssefs 691 Marie Elisabeth 1882 built by Richardson.

    Formed by Johann Hermann Niemann and others in 1873 the Dampfschiffahrts Gesellschaft.Neptun started operations with six ships from Bremen to Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the German Baltic ports.

    Abo 1973 transferred to Rotterdam Ipswich Lijn 1989 sold to Singapore renamed Sin Nga 1925 renamed Arta 696 Erpel 1 1927 built by AG Neptun 1960, bremen NDL subsidiary not renamed, stockton ex King Ermyn built for Harper 1937 to Argo Reederei Richard Adler. Bahamas renamed Africana 1922 sold to SA de Gerance et övernattning dArmement 802 Alcyone 1 1956 built, millers Nachf 3, zander 1921 built by Schiffswerft Maschinenfabrik. Rotterdam not renamed Manager Zeerederij Nefkens 1933 scrapped, southampton 1922 renamed Cap Griz Nez, horn. Rostock ex Erpel built for Norddeutscher Lloyd. A 4 built by AG Weser, hamburg but completed as for Reederei Nilsson 1982 sold to Panama renamed Orkney.

    499 Star (1) 1927 built by Frerichswerft AG, Einswarden ex- Star built for Norddeutscher Lloyd, 1934 transferred to Argo Reederei AG, Bremen same name, 1935 to Atlas Levante Linie renamed Sparta, 1939 laid up, 1940 transport ship for Kriegsmarine, 1943 renamed Sperrbrecher 123, 1945 bombed.999 Amsel (1) 1927 built by AG Neptun, Rostock ex- Amsel built for Norddeutscher Lloyd, 1934 transferred to Argo Reederei AG, Bremen same name, 1935 to Atlas Levante Linie renamed Arkadia, 1939 laid up, 1941 transport ship for Kriegsmarine, 1943 mined and sunk.