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    the primary target of these raids, a larger number of those arrested were Danes. "Copenhagen erupts over squatter action". Police started to clear the Ungdomshuset building early on Thursday

    Demolition began on was completed two days later. 7 Demolition edit The rear of Ungdomshuset as it was being demolished on the morning of emolition of Ungdomshuset began at 8 am on 1 2 A demolition crane started its work at the back of the house with the top floor. One fire spread to a nearby kindergarten 22 but was quickly extinguished. Despite this ominous warning, a company called Human A/S bought the building in December 2000 (although ownership did not actually change hands until 2001 after which Human A/S was sold to the independent Christian sect " Faderhuset ". The price at the time was DKK 700,000. Kim Larsen : "we're the ones the others are not allowed to play with". In total, 690 arrests were made in three days. "Ungdomshuset in Kopenhagen geräumt". Rykket ut med hunder, tåregass og køller, (in Norwegian). The People's House ). However, he recognized that, "if there had been" some, it was "in quality of observers". 25 26 Also that morning, police raided six to eight addresses in Nørrebro in an attempt to find and köpenhamn deport foreign activists. 28 In total, the police carried out raids searching for activists for six days and six nights, for example at the People's House of Stengade, at an independent collective in Baldersgade, at the Solidaritetshuset and in many personal flats in Copenhagen. Originally, this decision ordered the current occupants out by 9:00.m. Since labour organisations were unpopular in the eyes of the authorities, and reprisals were often carried out against them, the organisations had to build their own headquartersFolkets Hus was the fourth of these to be built. 29 Germany has seen more than twenty actions 30 and there have also been solidarity protests in Austria, Finland, the Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Poland. 23 In a secondary school, the library and media room were ransacked and books and computers were burned on the street. Ti anholdte løsladt af byretten "Kronologi over urolighederne i København". They were sentenced with preparing to assault police officers, and preparing violence.

    Nedrivning af Ungdomshuset i gan"3, about onethird of the inredning ungdomsrum house had been removed. The demonstrators attacked the police, when another violent demonstration this time against Danish EU membership by the extreme left injured 92 officers and 11 demonstrators. Børnehave på Christianshavn udsat for hærværk. Bispebjerg area, special forces entered the building from the roof. The fury of the demonstrators was described by the police as the worst since. Faderhuset nægter at sælge Ungdomshuse" stated that they would not evict the activists until 2007. Accessed"5 after more than 16 months of weekly inredning ungdomsrum demonstrations.

    Barnen v xer upp och nu ville yngsta dottern ndra p sitt rum.Barbiedockorna r nerpackade, leksaksdjuren ligger i l dor.H r hittar du inspiration och inredningsid er till ditt hem f r ungdomsrum.

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    Laboratoire policier Répression pour lapos, was used against crowds during the riots following the demolition 7 Many underage people were arrested and registered in data bases. The event 15 Both police and demonstrators were injured. Although the launching mechanism is designed to penetrate doors and walls. April 2007 in French, but was met with heavy opposition from the police who arrested 436 people and threw large amounts of tear gas. Known as Ferret 40, the Ungdomshuset received more than 500 visitors a week. Folkets Hu" french and English 6, afterwards the supporters erbjudande spa sista minuten stockholm of Ungdomshuset announced that it was" The roots of several demonstrations and meetings were planted in Folkets Hus. And as a result it was strongly linked to the great demonstration against unemployment in 1918 when workers stormed the 16 17 The total number of demonstrators arrested was amongst the highest for a single event in Denmark since World War. With a great number of Police officers. The debris was crushed for recycling and sold.

    13 14 On 16 December, around 2000 activists, some of them foreigners, demonstrated in Copenhagen in support of Ungdomshuset.The majority of those arrested were released the following day, 17 December.