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I hope to collect all the essential news about Riccardo on this page. Most of the news that appear here have their sources on some other web sites. If you know something I don't, please tell me!

22 August, 2010:

In June this year, Riccardo got married to Karin Trentini! ♥
In July, the new book about Riccardo was finally released after five years of preparation. I think it is a must-have for every fan.
There are also several new compilation albums released within the last three years, but no new recordings yet.

As the popularity of Facebook is increasing, there are now several fan groups and pages about Riccardo Fogli. I've collected some of them to the Links page.

17 October, 2007:

On the 21st of October, Riccardo celebrates his 60th birthday! Buon compleanno, caro Riccardo!!
Riccardo will continue touring this autumn. That is all the news I have about him at the moment.

24 August, 2006:

This summer, Riccardo was awarded at Venice Music Award, a new musical TV programme promoted by RAI2 and
Video Italia. Riccardo received an award for his album "Ci saranno giorni migliori", which is still up in the charts (in Italy). Thanks to Sirio for this news!

8 May, 2006:

There is a new Warner budget compilation called "Le più belle canzoni di Riccardo Fogli", with quite a comprehensive tracklisting from the years 1976-82. See tracklisting on the compilations page.

6 December, 2005:

Riccardo's new album "Ci saranno giorni migliori" has now been released! You can buy it in shops and it's even available for digital downloads. Listen to the samples here!

If you have a possibility to view SKY (canal 712) of Radioitalia & Videoitalia, they are broadcasting a series called 'Serata con...'. On the 21st of December, they have Riccardo as a guest. See information here. Thanks to Artemio for the info!

This year Riccardo has also participated in a charity project by Associazione Italiana per la ricerca sul cancro. He sings the song Non so se esistono gli angeli along with other Italian artists. Riccardo's son Alessandro has drawn part of the CD picture cover. You can order the CD from the website.

There is a new official site of Riccardo, opened in www.riccardofogli.net. The contents is, however, pretty much the same as in www.riccardofogli.com (which is now online, but in the same state as in the beginning of 2005).

7 October, 2005:

There will be a new album by Riccardo! The title is "Sono giorni migliori" and the release date is set somewhere in November. A single from the album, Ci sono giorni migliori (titled as Ci saranno giorni migliori on some sources) has been released now! It has lyrics by Gatto Panceri, music by Peter Felisatti, and produced and arranged by Fio Zanotti. The album includes in total 11 unedited songs. It's really exciting to hear completely new material from Riccardo again!

18 July, 2005:

One more budget compilation release has appeared, called "I grandi successi originali". A weird mixture of Riccardo's 1990-91 and 1973-75 RCA period songs, this compilation from BMG has though something interesting: the song Figlio mio, which is previously completely unreleased as far as I know. The song has probably been lying in the vaults since 1974. There are no sleeve notes along with this double CD to explain more. This is also the first time that the songs Amico sei un gigante and Gente perbene are released on CD. See the compilation page for full tracklisting.

Riccardo has also recorded another new song at the end of 2004 called Siamo noi. It is included on a various artists compilation Per te Ferrari (see guest appearances page). The album is produced by Popi Fabrizio, and a release of 100 more songs on 10 CDs is planned. I wonder if Riccardo will be involved in that future project too? You can read about the Per te Ferrari project here. Thanks to Matthias for telling me this!

Absolutely great news is that there is going to be an official book about Riccardo! You can read about it on http://www.librofogli.com. Now you can send your thoughts about Riccardo to the writers of the book - they will publish the best phrases. The book is going to include discography (both solo and with Pooh), Riccardo's life story plus photographs. Let's hope it will be a great biography for all the fans!

18 June, 2004:
Riccardo has won the 1st edition of Musicfarm!

This is a list of the songs he performed in the competitions:
Il mio canto libero
L'anno che verrą
Pregherò (Stand by me)
Eppur mi son scordato di te
C'era un ragazzo che come me amava i Beatles e i Rolling Stones
Storie di tutti i giorni
Strada facendo
(with Fiordaliso)
Tanta voglia di lei
Dieci ragazze
(with Marco Armani)
Fatti mandare dalla mamma (a prendere il latte)
Vecchio frack
(with Annalisa Minetti)
Noi due nel mondo e nell'anima
La Bamba
(with Ricchi e Poveri & Ivan Cattaneo)
Piccola Katy
Bang bang
(with Ivan Cattaneo)
I migliori anni della nostra vita
Quella carezza della sera
(with Ricchi e Poveri)
Il gatto e la volpe (with Angelo from Ricchi e Poveri)

Lyrics for these songs can be found on the Musicfarm website. Many thanks to Mino for information!

6 March, 2004:

The site about Santiago Retti http://www.titanicahoy.com/asfp/retti.htm reports that "he is preparing for a new production, which includes the recording of a duet performed with Riccardo Fogli and Alessandro Canino. This project will be presented to music editors both in Chile and Italy." I hope the project will be realized, although this news is from 2002!

10 February, 2004:

The only clue to hear that Riccardo has been recording something again is that he appears on Fabio Pianigiani's new album "Blu etrusco". The songs where he's singing are Gli sposi and Il sonnambulo. I have not heard these songs so I don't know more about them. If you know how I could get those songs, please tell me!

Reading the leaflet of the "Storie..." live CD, it says: "La carriera di Riccardo Fogli in DVD di prossima pubblicazione". If a DVD will be, as I hope, I haven't heard anything more about it. Does somebody know?

Riccardo was a candidate for Sanremo festival 2003, but at the end he wasn't chosen to participate. But did he prepare a song for the contest? What song and might it be ever released?

Expecting a DVD release of Elio e le Storie Tese's "Lugano tapes", which was released as VHS long ago. On that video, Riccardo performs Uomini col borsello along with Elio.

It seems that at the end of February, Riccardo is going to tour in Uruguay, Argentina and Chile! When does he come to northern Europe, I wonder?

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