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Riccardo Fogli was born in Pontedera (Pisa), Italy, on the 21st of October 1947. Riccardo began his musical career at an early age, initially singing at country festivals and then at local dancehalls. In 1963, he won first prize in Festival di Cascine di Buti, with Gianni Morandi's song Fatti mandare dalla mamma a prendere il latte. Later that year he teamed up with the Slenders, which was one of the countless rock groups inspired by the success of the Beatles. During one of their tours, Riccardo met the members of Pooh, which was already an established band. He joined Pooh in June of 1966, as a singer and bass player. During 1971 and 1972 the group had its big hits, most notably Pensiero and Tanta voglia di lei. One of Riccardo's own favourites, Piccola Katy, is also an early Pooh song. In 1972 Riccardo married the model Virginia Minetti, better known as Viola Valentino (had such hits as Comprami and Romantici).

In 1973, however, Riccardo made the difficult decision to embark on solo career. The first album was released in 1973, but there were songs recorded for a second album which was never released (Maryanne, Una stanza bianca,...). The musical and emotional crisis lead Riccardo to leave Virginia and secretly marry Patty Pravo in 1974. After a few years, however, he was back with Virginia. But 1974 was the year in which Riccardo debuted at the Sanremo festival with Complici, not as a finalist though. In 1976 there was finally success as Mondo became a hit. Riccardo started to have more success in the collaboration with composer Maurizio Fabrizio, with songs like Che ne sai (1979) and Malinconia (winning song of Festivalbar in 1981). It seemed like the title of the album "Campione" would have shown what the future had for Riccardo: in 1982, he won the Sanremo festival with Storie di tutti i giorni. The song has remained his most popular ever. Riccardo was chosen to represent Italy in the 1983 Eurovision Song Contest with Per Lucia.

In 1985 Riccardo participated in the Sanremo festival with Sulla buona strada, ending at fourth place. With Dio come vorrei, a song from the same album, he participated at Festivalbar, another big musical event in Italy. The 1987 album "Le infinite vie del cuore" album included the song Giorni cantati, in which Riccardo sung together with Pooh once again. In 1988, the album "Amore di guerra" was a fantastic production. The following years Riccardo participated at Sanremo many times: Non finisce così in 1989 (fourth place), Ma quale amore in 1990 (9th place), Io ti prego di ascoltare in 1991 (11th place), In una notte così in 1992 (6th place). Another song from the 1992 album "Teatrino meccanico", Voglio le tue mani, had an ambitious music video made to it. That year Riccardo also made his film debut in the thriller called "Dov'era lei a quell'ora?".

Riccardo and Viola Valentino divorced in 1993, and it was her that Riccardo wrote about in a song in 1988: "Se ti perdessi ora, Virginia come allora". But soon after, he found new happiness and even more, as Riccardo's son Alessandro Sigfrido (Ale) was born in 1994. Musically, that year saw the release of the album "Nella fossa dei leoni", which had a style which was unusually heavy for Riccardo. The same year he participated at Festival Italiano with Quando sei sola, which was then released in two different versions. In 1995 the album "Fogli su Fogli" included new acoustic versions of Riccardo's old hits. Once again, in 1996, Riccardo participated at Sanremo festival, with the song Romanzo (19th place). 1998 saw the release of "Ballando" album, which seemed to continue the rapidly changing musical style Riccardo had in the 90s.

Next year, in 1999, there was a release of retrospective work: the album Matteo, which had a "progressive" or "opera rock" style. It was recorded in 1979 but remained unreleased in the record company's fear that the work wouldn't be accepted from a "softer" artist. Then, after a few silent years, in 2002 was released the double live album "Storie di tutti i giorni" - the first live album from Riccardo.

Riccardo married Karin Trentini (31-year-old model) in June 2010. I wish a lot of happiness to their lives! Shortly after the marriage, on July 7th, the new biographical book about Riccardo, Fogli di vita e di musica, was released. Now we have very detailed information about Riccardo's life. I will get back updating this page after reading the book!

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